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February 17-19, 2017

  • 2. Munich Tango Weekend
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Welcome to the 2nd MUNICH TANGO WEEKEND 2017 .

3 days of Tango.

Gender balanced

Tango Event


100% traditional


7 experienced DJs

phantastic Locations

Charming Locations in munich city

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3 days charms of pleasure of the moment

  • 2017
  • 17 Feb 17


    Welcome Milongas
    07:00 p.m.- 11:00 p.m. DJ Flavia Cristaldo
    11:00 p.m.- 03:00 a.m. DJ Jasmin Muranovic

  • 18 Feb 17

    Nachtkantine & Onstage-Zündapphalle

    3 DJ's - 12 Hours
    02:00 p.m - 06:00 p.m. DJ Falko Gülberg (Nachtkantine)
    07:00 p.m - 11:00 p.m. DJ Romina Cardozo (OnStage)
    11:00 p.m - 03:00 a.m. DJ Hauke Hayen (OnStage)

    On Saturday night we will have a special Tango Dinner at the Nachtkantine. Choose from three delicious menus (special Tango prices) or à la carte meals.

  • 19 Feb 17


    Tango & Brunch Milonga
    11:00 a.m - 03:00 p.m. DJ Theresa Faus

    Farewell Milonga
    03:00 p.m - 07:00 p.m. DJ Jörg Haubner

Our DJ's.

Flavia Crisaldo


Flavia Cristaldo, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a milongueros parents home, inspired and influenced to start dancing tango at the age of 18 years. Then become his profession as a dancer and tango teacher. She starts to collect collections of the best dj of Buenos Aires and study the history through the years. Actually, in addition to teaching in different parts of Asia and Europe. She's DJing at different milongas of Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, and Japan.

Jasmin Muranovic


After spending 4 months in Buenos Aires in 2012/2013 I started to play music at the Milongas in Vienna. Ever since I have been passionate about my DJ work and hope to have inspired many dancers to give their best on the dance floor. My style is traditional with the focus on the golden age. The challenge of keeping the dancers enjoying themselves inspired by my choice of music is what motivates me the most every time I DJ.

Falko Gülberg


DJ since the 80s of the last century :•) - Tango since of 2005. In my imagination dancers are surfers waiting for the "perfect wave". As a DJ I want to provide them with this wave. Variety and a good sound quality is important to me, catching the dancers on the dance floor and not letting them go away - maybe as in the "golden age". ;) Master of #Tangomaschin ;)

Romina Cardozo


Thanks to my father, I discovered the passion and enthusiasm for the tango. 13 years ago I started to collect my tango music and so I came to DJ. Since this time it is my objective to convey the Tangueros through my Tango selection, passion, inspiration or just joy. Since 9 years I DJ on my own milonga and at various tango events in Munich – and love my work as a DJ.

Hauke Hayen


My passion lies in the traditional tango of the 30s and 40s that have still not reached the depth and complexity. In DJaying the creation of an arc of suspense is very important to me. The music should inspire to dance. Variety within the tandas, as well as between the tandas, is a very important point to me. The feedback from the dancers is also very important, every night is different, sometimes calm and melancholic, sometimes energetic and 'tangy'.

Theresa Faus


I play traditional music - with focus on subtle, sophisticated, sometimes cheeky music as opposed to bombastic, big drama stuff; mainly from the 30ies and early 40ies and also from the 20ies, and in smaller doses dramatic and romantic music from later years. I try to change energy and complexity from tanda to tanda, adapting to the overall energy to the dynamics of the milonga. Music that gets into the legs!

Jörg Haubner


music genre: (most) traditional (main emphasis on 40‘s, 30's and 50's) . A good flow between rhythmical and lyrical is very important for me. Dancers always can trust in the same mood / soft transition inside of tandas. I'm a perfectionist for the best sound I can get (sources and equipment). The most of my music is remastered by myself

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    TANGOmaldito & Los Chicos MUNICH TANGO WEEKEND